Drug Testing

Ensure Your Patients’ Safety Through an Effective Compliance Program

Drug testing helps monitor adherence to a prescription drug treatment regimen, to diagnose substance misuse, addiction, and other irregular drug-related behavior. Advanced Rx Management’s contracted lab utilizes state-of-the-art technology to extract the detailed data necessary to assist you in identifying at risk and addiction prone patients.

We help our physician partners raise the standard of care for their patients by monitoring their prescription utilization, helping them choose more effective medications at safer dosages, and optimizing pain management. Drug Testing is available in both urine and saliva options. Pharmacogenetics (DNA) testing is conducted through saliva swab. Customize your Drug Testing program by choosing the testing methods that work best for your individual practice and patient needs.

Our simple process allows our physician partners to seamlessly include Drug Testing with their dispensary services. Tests are generated in our dispensary software system, which eliminates double input of patient data and allows for immediate mapping of test results to the medication dispense data.

Partnering with Advanced Rx Management allows you to better serve your patients, ensure medication utilization, and participate in ancillary revenue opportunities.

Today more than 6 million Americans are abusing prescription drugs—more than the number of Americans abusing cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens and inhalants combined.
2006, Practitioner’s Manual, U.S. Government Printing Office